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Birthdate:Sep 27
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This is my writing journal. It's a clone/back up of my "Smallwaldo" journal at LJ. You'll notice I don't friend back on this journal. That's because I never check the reading list (must remember not to call it a 'friendslist') on this account. If you want to chat with me about life, the universe and everything, you want my [personal profile] waldo account.

I have a double standard when it comes to comments on fic. I try (and am variably successful) to respond to every comment made to me. If you can give me the time and attention to read my fic and comment to me, the least I can do is take a second to say 'thank you.' However, when I comment on fic, I don't expect a reply.

I am a firm believer in constructive criticism. If I've made a spelling or grammar error, PLEASE feel free to point it out. I'd love t have the chance to fix it before another 25 people read the story and and go, "Oh fer cryin' out loud!"

If we have a different take on characterization, motives or something else 'big picture', let's have an open, honest, civil discussion.

People who just feel the need to flame and bash will find their comments pulled down and fed to my ferrets.

May 2, 2009 note: For the next month or so I'll be tweaking the way I categorize and organize this journal, so don't be surprised if things keep changing.

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